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The school system in Ghana


Though schooling is compulsory in Ghana, the controls in place to ensure that children are actually attending school are somewhat lax.

Disabled children are often hidden away at home and are not allowed to attend school. Schooling costs money, and very poor families cannot afford to send all their children to school, or can only afford to do so during periods when they are earning sufficient income.

Types of school:


Preparatory School: Children can attend Prep. School from around the age of four. This involves two years of schooling and is more extensive in scope than the final year of a German kindergarten, with children already learning to read, write and do basic arithmetic.

Primary School: Children attend Primary School from around the age of six. This takes six years and is equivalent to German Grundschule + two years at a Hauptschule.

Junior High School: Having finished Primary School, children can attend Junior High School from around the age of 12. This involves three years of schooling, culminating in a centrally administered examination. 

Following this, an apprenticeship can be begun.

Senior High School: If a pupil has passed the final JHS examination, he or she can alternatively attend Senior High School for four further years. By passing the final SHS examination, pupils become qualified to study at a university.


The IHM Preparatory and Primary School in Offinso:


"Our“ school began in September 2003 with a Preparatory School first year and will be extended gradually until 2011, by which time it will have 16 classrooms for a dual track Preparatory School and dual track Primary School.


The IHM Junior High School in Offinso:


As Ghana's compulsory schooling system also includes Junior High School, a dual track JHS is also set to be established. The first two classrooms are due to be completed by autumn 2011.