Kite Ghana

 Our aims:

  • School education for physically disabled children in a normal school enviroment
  • Minimisation of existing disabilities
  • Erosion of the disability taboo


Project content:

  • Establishment of an integrative school for physically disabled and able-bodied children
  • Sponsorship of disabled pupils and pupils with special needs at the school
  • Establishment  of a physiotherapy practice at the school


Key developments:

  • Buildings:
    • Construction of a Preparatory and Primary School, completed in early 2010
    • Construction of a Junior High School, commenced in 2010
    • Construction of an accommodation building for disabled boarders, completed in late 2009
    • Construction of an external dining hall where pupils will eat breakfast and lunch, being planned
  • Well drilling (successful at the fourth attempt in 2008)
  • Transport: procurement of school buses
  • Procurement of school books for the core subjects. Establishment of a lending system for pupils



  Primary School



 View from the road




Plan Junior High School




Accommodation building for boarders


Boys' wing


Residents in front of the girls' wing


Well drilling


Manual drilling of the third well



 Drilling of the fourth well using heavy-duty equipment


School buses







School books