Kite Ghana

History of the project:

Yvonne Achilles, née Ambros, spent many years as Youth Director of the Parish of St. Konrad in Burghausen, Germany. After gaining her intermediate diploma in theology, she spent a year as a temporary missionary in the IHM convent in Offinso/Ghana, where she witnessed at first hand the cheerless existence of disabled children there.

At around the same time, Anja Vinnemeier, née Deppe, a nurse from Delbrück, Germany, was also working as a temporary missionary with the IHM sisters in Offinso.

The then superior of the convent, Sr. M. Giovanni Phillips, also a nurse, had a particularly keen eye for the needs of the physically disabled, partly as a result of having attended a number of supplementary training courses in this field.

In 2000, the three women, together with a Dutch couple who were working as development aid volunteers, founded the Kite Project...













  Anja Vinnemeier                             Sr. M. Giovanni Phillips
  and Yvonne Achilles


 …with the goal of improving the social status and career opportunities of disabled children in Offinso through the construction of an integrative school and the provision of physiotherapy services.


On their return to Germany, the two missionaries endeavoured to advance the Kite Project and to find supporters and collaborators.