Kite Ghana

Voluntary commitment
(English version abridged – for more detailed information please see German version)

The donations business:

Billions of euros are donated to charitable organisations in Germany each year. A large part of this sum is donated towards one-world projects. There is such a large number and wide range of different development cooperation projects that it is often difficult to maintain an overview. Only in very few cases is it possible for donors to see for themselves whether funds are actually being used for the purpose originally stated. Many donors therefore find it difficult to decide which particular organisation they should support.


If a project has been granted the Seal of Approval of the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI) (, donors can be sure that a project adheres to certain criteria. The guidelines include provisions on the following issues: 


  • Use of funds for a specific, stated purpose
  • Effective use of funds
  • Budget planning
  • Principles of donor acquisition
  • Accounting
  • Audit obligation
  • Monitoring
  • Disclosure requirement

(For details, see the DZI Seal of Approval Guidelines 2006)


In order to obtain the DZI Seal, however, a large financial investment is required. Annual processing fees must be paid, consisting of a basic charge (€ 500) and an additional charge amounting to 0.035 percent of total donations received in the reference year. The initial application fee amounts to a further € 1,000. VAT is also payable on all of these fees.

(For details, see the DZI Seal of Approval Guidelines 2006)


The Kite Association of Supporters is unwilling to pay these fees. However, the Association has committed itself, from the very beginning, to meeting the following criteria, which go beyond the requirements of the DZI Seal.

The Association is committed to: 

  • Voluntary work: Every cent donated goes directly to the school project in Ghana. Administrative costs, travel expenses etc, are privately financed.
  • Sincere, clear and fact-based approach to the acquisition of funds: respecting the dignity of project partners is paramount and donors are not put under pressure.
  • No payments of premiums or commission for the acquisition of donations
  • Economical use of funds for the stated purpose
  • Straightforward and transparent accounting; double audit of accounts (both internally, by Association members, and externally, by Misereor/Episcopal Ordinariate)
  • Regular reporting on the use of funds