Kite Ghana
Contribution of other parishes:

The Kite project is rooted in the German parishes of St. Konrad, Burghausen and
St. Elisabeth, Hagen/Delbrück; the home parishes of Kite co-founders Yvonne Achilles, née Ambros, and Anja Vinnemeier, née Deppe (see also the History section). The Kite Association is officially headquartered in the parish of St. Konrad

St. Jakob in Burghausen

Since the project’s inception, the parish of St. Jakob has been unofficially involved in the Kite project and in the Kite Association of Supporters, represented by at least two members. The St. Jakob Missionary Association is an especially consistent supporter, and the St. Jakob Women’s Association also regularly supports the project, e.g. by sponsoring children.

St. Elisabeth in Hagen/Delbrück ( The home parish of Kite co-founder Anja Vinnemeier played a particularly active role in the project in the early years. In 2002, the Burghausen-based group Meriba ( gave a benefit concert in Hagen, and the then parish council of St. Elisabeth returned the favour by visiting the musicians and the Kite Association in Burghausen. Members of the parish also succeeded in convincing the Hagen Primary School and the Marksmen’s Guild of St. Heinrich to lend their support to the project.
St. Albert in Munich (

In 2007, news of the Kite project reached Munich, thanks to word-of-mouth promotion by a Kite sponsor. The Women’s Association of St. Albert presented the Kite project to the parish community and decided to commit itself to donating the proceeds of its Christmas market to Kite. In June 2009, the St. Albert Women’s Association visited Burghausen for a few days and was updated on the progress of the project by the Kite Association.


In the advent period of 2009, a further large Christmas market was organised, the proceeds of which once again went to the Kite project. 

St. Franziskus in Bad Homburg

( is the home parish of Verena Stürznickel, who lived in Offinso and worked at the
IHM School for one and a half years as a temporary missionary in 2007/2008. She kept her parish community up to date by writing regular circulars during her stay in Ghana, and reported on her experiences upon returning home. This led to several
donations being made by the organisers of the biannual St. Johannes and St. Franziskus rummage sales for baby clothes and equipment. A youth group from the parish of St. Franziskus also supported Kite by selling homemade cakes and donating the proceeds to the project.