Kite Ghana

The Aventinus Gymnasium - central pillar of the Kite project

Since 2001, the Kite project
been supported by the
Aventinus Gymnasium
(, a grammar school in Burghausen
  – and this support has not only been financial!





  • The founder of the Kite project Yvonne Achilles was a pupil at the Aventinus Gymnasium (AVG). She was a committed member of the church service team and the music group Meriba, which was formed by members of this team ( 

  • The head of the church service team and Meriba was, and still is, religious studies teacher and Association
    member Peter Schleindlsperger.

  • The commitment of these two pioneers to the Kite project spread throughout the religious studies department at AVG.

  • A further AVG pupil, Hanna Schulze, recently visited the IHM sisters and the school in Offinso. After completing her Abitur in 2008, she spent a month at the school, together with a friend, and subsequently reported back on her experiences.




The religious studies department is the main engine of the Kite initiatives at the AVG, but it can also depend on support, in various forms, from other teachers and from pupils. The religious studies teachers, together with a team of committed pupils (see photos), organise all kinds of events for the Kite cause.






The following list of initiatives includes just some of the good ideas that have been successfully implemented at the AVG:


  • Sponsored runs: Virtually everybody at the school takes part in these runs in aid of the Kite project   >>more
  • Aventinus Cabaret: An evening of entertainment featuring music, sketches and dance performed by teachers  >>more
  • Events at summer festivals, e.g. rummage sales
  • Individual sponsorship arrangements
  • “Football pools”, within the school and worldwide 
  • Donations, e.g. from the teachers’ band Red Ink, from individual classes, from school reunions, from the winners of “sheepshead” tournaments, from the Kite piggy bank in the teachers’ staff room…  
  • Kite Café selling fair-trade goods at parents’ evenings
    >> more

What else:

Thanks to these numerous initiatives, the families of AVG pupils are now very familiar with the Kite project. This approach represents an unobtrusive yet persuasive form of promotion for the Kite project.



How much:

By July 2010, 63,250 euros had been raised for the Kite project.


You can obtain further information on the AVG's Kite-related work by contacting the religious studies department.