Kite Ghana


The Kite Association of Supporters

We are a small and close-knit organisation.

The currently eleven members of the Association meet several times a year to discuss the latest developments in Offinso and to discuss options on how to proceed in Burghausen and how best to organise their collaboration with the IHM sisters. The follow-up work is then done via telephone and e-mail correspondence.

All Association members are unpaid and use private resources and equipment (computer, telephone etc.) without being reimbursed for the costs incurred. Trips to Offinso are also privately financed.

The Kite Association collects donations for the construction of the IHM School, organises events such as benefit concerts, Christmas markets and information events, manages the Kite sponsorship arrangements and is a member of the “One World Projects” working group in Burghausen.

The Association guarantees that every single cent donated is channelled directly into the school project.

The Association attaches considerable importance to collaboration with other organisations and working groups. More information on this can be found in the section “Collaboration with other organisations”.